Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Roundup

Jules Crittenden assembles some good stuff regarding Al Gore's testimony on global warming yesterday.

Al Gore refuses to take the energy ethics pledge:

The EU approves an open-skies deal with the US. Competition will mean lower rates.

Vic Matus culls Fred Thompson's acting career for clues as to what type of President he might make. The surprising answer: plain talking with no nonsense.

Why are the second-time candidates not doing better?

Dan Drezner has Socrates' student reviews. Yes, that Socrates. The only disappointment is that they're not on YouTube yet. Still, funny.

How to make marshmallow peeps at home. Yech.

Happy Birthday bubble wrap. You look good at 50.

Gonzales trying to put out fires.

Patraeus: we're attriting them at a fearsome rate.

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