Friday, March 23, 2007


Is the media biased against conservative blogs? I know that I haven't gotten my Wall Street Journal profile yet.

Great item
over at Club for Growth about an idea who's time is long overdue: legislation to end the practice of naming things after living legislators. Mike Huckabee won't like it, however (and of course, Senator McCain has nothing in common with the Club for Growth).

Japan's Foreign Minister says that only a yellow man can go to Iraq. Oh dear.

Is a McJob better than a low-skill manufacturing job? The former seems to have better long-term prospects.

Michelle tells us about the must-see movie Americanizing Shelley.

HamNation offers a guide to Lefty enviro activism:

Although Miss Ham is clearly a plagiarist.

Great 80s flashback over at Sister Toldjah.

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