Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Roundup

Some interesting stuff today:

The New York Times suggests that just maybe Al Gore is going a little overboard on global warming. In fact, there just might not be a consensus on the issue.

Chely Wright may have a great song in support of our troops, but don't imagine that she's conservative.

By the way, I've commented that Democrats may not be able to pass a measure to force a withdrawal of the troops from Iraq, given that they need every vote they have in the Senate - and Joe Lieberman is not likely to be with them. Here, Lieberman says he opposes the Democratic proposal, and he predicts that the Congress will not pass a measure to pull funding for the troops on the ground. His statement begins at about the 2:20 mark.

Hundreds of Mahdis and thousands of insurgents detained (and best wishes to Captain Ed and the First Mate, as well).

I'm coming to this late, but this video - which has been posted at several other blogs - is a must-see. The reporter - Pamela Hess - does not address the reasons we went to Iraq, or even (really) what we should do in Iraq. But she talks convincingly about the importance of the American military being in Iraq right now, and of 'getting it right.'

Michael Moore: a guerilla movie maker who doesn't much care for other guerilla movie makers.

And good news for Penguins fans (like Rob Bluey).

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