Sunday, March 11, 2007

Support for Democrats' Position on Iraq

Well, if Iran wants us to schedule a withdrawal from Iraq, it couldn't be a bad idea, right?

Iranian officials last night demanded a timetable for US troop withdrawal from Iraq as they attended a rare meeting with American diplomats in Baghdad.

The conference was aimed at stopping Iraq being used as a sectarian battleground by Sunni and Shia neighbours. Iran has been accused of funding Shia death squads in the Iraqi capital and smuggling in roadside bomb technology that allows insurgents to kill coalition troops.

Yesterday's conference, attended by all of Iraq's neighbours, backed plans for further meetings next month to set up working groups to discuss problems over border security and refugees...

But Iran's deputy foreign minister for legal and international affairs, Abbas Araghchi, used the occasion to accuse the international forces in Iraq of playing a double game.

"It will help resolve the problem of violence if they set a timetable for withdrawal of their troops from Iraq," he said. He condemned attacks on religious places and gatherings five days after a double suicide attack on a crowd of Shia pilgrims killed at least 117 Iraqis in the central city of Hilla.

Expect Democratic leaders to roundly condemn Bush, Cheney, Ann Coulter, or anyone else who suggests that because Iran's government agrees with the Democrats, it's probably a bad idea. Expect the phrase 'how dare you question our patriotism!' to be used.

I wonder why Ahmadinejad wants us out?

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