Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fred Thompson's Pro-Choice Views

We're reminded every day that 2008 will be the YouTube election. Candidates will have to worry about old clips resurfacing to haunt them, and being seen by hundreds of thousands of potential primary voters.

But if this is the worst that surfaces about Fred Thompson, he ought to be thinking about running mates:

Hat Tip to Philip Klein, who provides the transcript:

QUESTION: Mr. Thompson, do you support or oppose laws that prohibit abortions for convenience?

THOMPSON: I do not believe that the federal government ought to be involved in that process. I think that we should not have federal funding for abortion. I think that states ought to be able to have reasonable controls over that in terms of parental notification, which I believe my opponent has opposed in times past. As far as notice requirements and things like that are concerned, I believe those are reasonable. I think that when you get right down to the question you posed: should a government come in and criminalize let's say a young girl and her parents and her doctor, which as aiders and abeters that would be involved? I think not. I think that problem is going to be ultimately resolved, and I think favorably, in the hearts and minds and communities and families across America. We're learning more about it, and what it does to women and so forth. And I think that battle will be won, but it shouldn't be a political football, and it shouldn't be won in the courts.

Klein's right in pointing out that this is far tamer than the abortion advocacy clips that have already emerged from Giuliani and Romney. Further, this is from 13 years ago - and Thompson's Senate record seems to be more than making up for any qualms that pro-lifers have had about him.

And lastly, when Thompson talks about the significance of the ultrasounds of his children as a conversion point, it seems sincere. It is also rather consistent with his support for federalism.

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