Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Is John Kerry a 9/11 conspiracy believer?

Ramesh Ponnuru and 2008 GOP Presidential nominee Fred Thompson are arguing over federalism and (it seems) demagoguery. Go to Ramesh's latest salvo here, and use his links to get to his original piece and Thompson's response. I think Ramesh gets the better of the argument here, but Thompson's devotion to federalism does him credit and as always, is good politics.

Speculation on a Thompson/Thompson ticket (Hat Tip: Patterico). Getting past the punchline quality of it, I've thought for a while it makes a lot of sense. Tommy Thompson would be a significant asset to someone like Fred Thompson: tons of executive experience, can carry a major swing state (Wisconsin) and bring help in the rest of the midwest, has run a federal agency, is sufficiently conservative, and has credibility on reform issues. If his name were Jones, he'd be a great pick.

Will Democrats disavow Harry? (I'll have more thoughts over at the Standard later this morning).

Is Gingrich staffing up? Might as well, but his campaign is over the day Fred Thompson announces.

Are Republicans shrewdly fighting affirmative action by... ignoring it?

The bees are missing? Time to watch this again. The truth is out there.

Mike Giuliani and Mike Brady have started the Majority Accountability Project to monitor the Congressional majority, and let you know how they're doing on fulfilling their campaign promises. The site is here, and below is an explanation of the project:

Is Hank Aaron a coward?

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