Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rangel: Cheney Has a Personality Disorder

The normal assortment of interesting stuff from Novak today, including speculation on Chuch Hagel's plans, and pessimism from the GOP about 2008 prospects. There's also this pleasant item:


Rep. Charles Rangel, the normally courtly House Ways and Means Committee chairman, in an interview in the current edition of Vibe magazine said, "I think" that Vice President Dick Cheney "has a personality disorder."

As quoted by the black entertainment magazine, Rangel continued: "There's no question about it. There are some people that have an unpleasant demeanor, and they always have a scowl. I don't know this guy that well. But I can't see him telling a joke unless it's a dirty joke."

In the same interview, Rangel said of George W. Bush: "The president is one of the most pleasant slap-on-the-back, fun people you want to talk with . . . but you always leave not knowing whether he knows what's going on."

Nice how the Democrats have changed the tone in Washington.

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