Saturday, June 16, 2007

Novak: Time to Get the Popcorn

Sit back and enjoy the show. That's the way I read it anyway. He says that liberal Democrats in the House are growing restive with the moderate course Speaker Pelosi is charting.

It's all in the eye of the beholder of course. But the problem in assessing the agenda is that there's not much 'agenda' to go on. In any case, Republicans can only be optimistic when they read of dissension within the caucus:


The powerful left wing of the House Democratic Caucus is unhappy with Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being too attentive to a handful of moderate members, especially those elected last year from normally Republican districts.

Protesting liberals grumble Pelosi has been too cautious setting policy during six months in the majority, especially regarding the Iraq war. The response is that Democrats will revert to minority status in the House if they stray too far to the left.

A footnote: Some liberal Democratic House members returned after the Memorial Day recess to tell colleagues how they were assailed by normally staunch supporters during town meetings, complaining not nearly enough had been done to end the Iraq intervention.

Also read Novak for news on the possible alliance between liberal Democrat Mike Bloomberg and moderate Democrat David Boren, in a possible independent bid for the Presidency.

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