Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Patrick Ruffini looks at Jon Bruning's primary challenge to Chuck Hagel, and suggests that the NRSC tell Hagel that he's on his own in any re-election bid. (As you may recall, he hasn't yet stated whether he intends to seek re-election, run for President, or retire.) While it's rare for the party committee not to support the re-election bid of an incumbent, such a statement at this time might have the salutary effect of discouraging Senator Hagel from forcing a primary against the popular AG.

Jane Galt speculates on the question of whether the albedo effect is an effective way to combat global warming. Not sure where she saw this cited, but I know that a letter writer to her magazine suggested it a few months ago. (I can't find it online, however.)

Check out the farm subsidy database.

The other day I commented that the economy appears to be doing better than some are saying right now. Kudlow offers further proof.

The Iranian economy is going to pot.

Congratulations to Justin Verlander.

Scottie Pippen (yes, that Scottie Pippen) got $300K in farm subsidies; David Letterman got $8K.

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