Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Approval Ratings Hit Another All-Time Low

You know, I thought it was tedious last year to read the incessant drumbeat of stories about polls showing all-time low approval ratings for President Bush. Well, now I know how liberals felt:

But the marks for Congress, mired in gridlock over a series of partisan political battles after Democrats took power in the 2006 elections, continued to drop.

While 83 percent said Congress was doing a fair or poor job, just 14 percent rated it excellent or good. Last October, in its final days, the Republican-led Congress earned ratings of excellent or good from 23 percent of voters.

"There is a growing sense that people voted for change in 2006 and they aren't getting it," Zogby said.

Could it be because Democrats strove last year not to articulate an agenda, but instead tried to give voters the chance to vote for 'change,' with no clarity on what that meant?

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