Thursday, July 19, 2007

Irony Watch

Rob found a piece in the Post on the greatest fans in the world. Curious that he chose irony to frame it; it's almost as if he agrees with the article:

If it were any other squad, the rest of baseball would simply snicker. But this is the Yankees, whose historical success and strutting have made them arguably the most reviled team in American sports, and these are Yankees fans, undoubtedly the most loathed in the country. A snicker won't do. This calls for belly laughs. This calls for tankards and fiddles and torch-lit dancing. This calls for bunting and floats. We must savor this experience. We must pile on now, while the piling is good, because if history is any guide, the Yankees will rise again -- and when they do, their fans will be insufferable.

Yankees are seven games out of first, and six out of the Wild Card. To those who hate the Yankees -- come on, you know you're nervous.

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