Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mac Collins Preparing for House Comeback

Roll Call reports that one of the few Democrats who almost lost last year may face another chellenge from former Representative Mac Collins. For Republicans, that may not be good news:

Collins, who lost to Marshall last year by fewer than 2,000 votes, has made clear he is considering running again. However, many observers have believed — or better yet hoped — that ultimately Collins would pass after seeing much of the state and national Republican establishment coalesce behind retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Rick Goddard (R), who already is in the race.

Goddard, on paper at least, appears to be the GOP’s dream candidate in a district that tilts heavily toward Republicans in national elections. Goddard has been recruited to run before, and party leaders were ecstatic when he decided to get in the race this time.

But if Collins were to enter the race, there is little doubt the move would cause a debilitating primary — one that would produce a battered and cash-strapped nominee.

An embarrassment of riches is not always a good thing.

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