Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Barone: Is the Tax Issue Back?

A very interesting piece from Michael Barone. He points out the parallels between politics in the US and the UK, and notes that unexpectedly, taxes have re-emerged as an issue in Great Britain:

Now, his call for tax cuts seems to have boosted the Conservative total. Four polls taken since the party conferences showed Labor with a statistically insignificant 39 percent to 38 percent lead. Even worse news for Labor: A News of the World poll of 83 marginal seats showed the Conservatives ahead by 44 percent to 38 percent. That suggested Labor might win less than an absolute majority, which would force it to govern with the support of the Lib. Dems.

It's unusual to see such a sudden shift of opinion in British politics. (You seldom see it in America, either, except sometimes during the parties' national conventions.)

Does this augur well for the plan of some House Republicans to simplify and reduce taxes -- a plan which has attracted some positive attention already?

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