Thursday, October 18, 2007

How Can Obama Take Down Hillary

Jim Geraghty and Quin Hillyer debate what Obama can do to cut into Hillary's poll lead. This is my proposal:

I've thought for a while that Hillary is VERY vulnerable in a general election. The mood is for change and she's been in DC for 35 years (her claim). Plus, I would hammer the 28 years of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton in the White House. Add to that her failure to excite the base, her tone-deafness on health care reform, fundraising scandals, and other issues. Then toss in the attacks that Republicans will bring on (Bill) Clinton's inattention to AQ, and the personal peccadilloes -- including Hillary's involvement in Whitewater, the White House travel office, all of that. I think she can be beaten badly.

Of course, Obama can't run that campaign. No Democrat could run it in the primary and win. But I think Edwards could say that while he knows there's nothing to this, the party faithful need to think about how she will get opened up like a soft-shelled peanut (Kerrey), by the GOP attack machine. If I were Obama, I would make a deal with Edwards that would turn him into an attack dog on electability. Obama would be the above-the-fray, electable alternative.

I don't know if it would work, but I think it's the only shot they have at taking Hillary down.



California Yankee said...

Republicans should harp on the fact thatHillary is uniquely inexperienced to be President

The Editor at IP said...

When compared to all previous major party nominees, I think that's probably true. Compared to the current Democratic field, she's a seasoned old hand.

philo-junius said...

I've thought all along that the only shot the other Democratic contenders had was for two of them to collude: one to sacrifice his own shot at the brass ring for a scorched-earth camapaign against Hillary, driving her negatives up so highly to allow the other conspirator to edge her as the alternative.

When I bounced this idea around the communications department of my former employer, the director of communications' response was, "I just don't think Democrats are that organised."