Thursday, October 18, 2007

Democrats Quietly Looking for Support for War Tax

Just proof that as far as House Democrats go, a good idea never goes away:

Rep. John Murtha (Pa.) opposed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) on two major issues this week, repeating a pattern of alternating agreement and disagreement between the two influential Democrats.

Murtha renewed his call for a surtax to fund the Iraq war, an idea Pelosi has shot down, and he cautioned against bringing up legislation to condemn the Armenian genocide, a measure Pelosi supports...

Despite being rebuffed by Pelosi on the war surtax earlier, Murtha and Reps. Dave Obey (Wis.) and Jim McGovern (Mass.) wrote their colleagues Tuesday to gather support for the idea.

Meanwhile, Charlie Rangel is planning to propose a tax increase of about a trillion dollars. And at the same time, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the budget will be balanced by 2012 -- if Democrats don't bust the budget with new spending.

So why do we need another new tax, exactly?

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