Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cantwell Moves up the List

RedState reports that the latest polling from Washington State moves Maria Cantwell up the list of endangered Democratic Senators. And it may be counter-intuitive, but a closely-contested race in Washington is the sort of thing that makes it tougher for people like Harold Ford to win. A proliferation of close races tends to soak up the money that might otherwise go to longer-shots - like Harold Ford.

And while we're on the topic of Senate races this year, I have to believe that Robert Byrd is going to wind up in a closer race than is now expected. People vote more and more based on cultural cues and social identification, rather than income. In a conservative state like West Virginia - which has clearly become a more level playing field for Republicans - a Republican Senate candidate ought to do well. Further, if the Alan Mollohan earmark scandal continues to grow, it can only hurt Byrd - the king of the earmark.

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