Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Roundup

There was lots of interesting stuff while I was away for the weekend.

Ace covers the Vice Chair of the DNC, who talked about the US 'murdering' Zarqawi. He links to the audio, but you can't hear the answer to the interviewer, after he asks 'you misspoke there, right?'

Captain's Quarters is one of several picking up on John Murtha's incoherent interview about Iraq, on Meet the Press.

Glenn notes that Al Qaeda apparently called off a planned cyanide attack in the New York Subway in 2003. The article is an odd read: an Al Qaeda operative who thinks it was a mistake to attack the US therefore becomes a US mole. That mole is aware of the plot, and knows that it was called off by Ayman Zawahiri, but does not know why.

And Cynthia McKinney will avoid charges for punching a cop.

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