Saturday, June 24, 2006

Democratic Sweep in Utah?

Bob Novak offers a little insight into Howard Dean's defense of his '50-state strategy.' He excerpts an E-mail that Dean has sent, bragging about the party's investment in Utah this year. Sadly, Novak does not disclose the figure. I think it's a demonstration of a clear conflict of interest for Novak, because if people knew how much Dean was spending on Utah, Novak would probably lose a DNC Chair who's always entertaining:


Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean, unbowed by criticism of his 50-state strategy, sent supporters a June 20 e-mail boasting of how much money he has spent in Utah to build the party in a state with no competitive race for either house of Congress this year.

Dean has come under fire for spending all but $4.25 million of the $84.5 million the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has raised for this election cycle. Intraparty critics complain Dean is paying off promises to DNC members from Republican-majority states made in his campaign for chairman.

While admitting that Republican Utah is "not a place many would expect the national party to be focusing its resources," Dean's e-mail declared: "This is about getting the word out: The 50-state strategy is right for our party, and the people who support it will stand up and be counted. Make your donation to support the 50-state strategy now."

I am willing to predict that any money spent in Utah will be a colossal waste of money. If you're a Democrat who backs Dean, ask yourself whether you'd prefer to see that money spent in Utah, or on a Senate race in Ohio or Missouri. And ask yourself where Ken Mehlman would rather see it spent.

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