Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exclusive: Thompson Gets Thatcher's Backing

You have to hand it to Fred. He has a sense of theme, tone and theatrics that's matched by no one in the GOP field. Unable to seek Ronald Reagan's endorsement, he's going for the next-best thing -- the backing of Lady Margaret Thatcher:

Fred Thompson, the actor and former Tennessee senator who is expected to announce next month he is running for president, flew to London on Monday to meet Margaret Thatcher and deliver a foreign policy speech, his advisers tell The Politico.

Thompson's advisers aim to use the London events to bolster his foreign policy credentials and elevate him above the increasingly contentious fray of the GOP race.

On Wednesday, he will pose for photos with Thatcher, which his advisers hope will enhance his support among devotees of former President Ronald Reagan.

The Influence Peddler has learned -- and can report exclusively -- that Lady Thatcher will say extremely gracious things about Senator Thompson. Sources close to the Senator say...

OK, so we don't have any sources that tell us that. However, it's the only possible outcome here. Any lawyer worth his salt knows that you don't ask a question you don't already know the answer to. In the same way, Fred is not going to the UK to meet with Lady Thatcher without having some good sense in advance of what she will say about him. It's bound to be good. It's likely to fall short of an endorsement, since such a statement would be seen as meddling by a foreign power in US affairs.

Thompson's running a sharp campaign, and he's not even in the race yet.

Update: Dale Franks notes that Thompson now leads in the futures market. Does that make him the favorite?

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