Sunday, June 17, 2007

Reid Threatens Weekend Session

I always wonder why Congressional leaders 'threaten' to do things that will be politically popular. Don't they realize that the first one to insist on an end to earmarks and the occasional weekend session will climb 5 or 10 points in the polls?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today he might have to pull the energy bill off the floor next week to revive a comprehensive immigration overhaul, although he vowed to complete both before closing shop for the July Fourth recess.

“If this [energy] debate doesn’t speed up, we’ll have to move to end debate,” the Nevada Democrat said, warning Republicans not to stall progress on either bill. “If they do, Democrats are prepared to work through the weekends and the July 4 district work period to accomplish our goals.”

Whichever party is the smart one ought to insist on doing the top 5 things that are now being threatened.

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