Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different

Have pity on me, the poor Islander fan:

If you're old enough to recall the Islanders' dynasty, this perpetual swamp of questionable ownership, front-office bungling, and misfortune is utterly mindboggling. It's like former GM Bill Torrey and former owner John Pickett made a deal with the Devil for those four Cups and the bill has been coming due ever since. With each new development like the Smith hire-and-fire and the Smyth defection, the team's reputation as a backwater of ineptitude in a crumbling arena with a fair-weather fanbase continues to hinder the ability to sign the kind of marquee character players like Smyth and Drury who can help restore the franchise to some semblance of glory. Meanwhile, we're about to get a good indication if Snow has what it takes to be a top-shelf or even passable GM. Based on what he has to work with this summer, Nolan better have a first-class recipe for chicken salad in his breast pocket.

So take heart, ye Sabres and Devils partisans. Look at the losses of your stars this way: You could be an Islanders fan. Yes, there's nothing like other people's misery when you need a pick-me-up.

At least there's still more baseball.

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