Monday, July 02, 2007

Lieberman, the Republican

The AP has a story about Chris Dodd's attempt to get traction in the Democratic presidential race. Their basic message is that he doesn't bring anything to the table that sets him apart from the other candidates. Tucked away is this goody:

If some of Dodd's material is dated, aides say his views, particularly on the unpopular war, are attuned with liberal Democrats young and old in early nominating states. Dodd has enlisted anti-war darling Ned Lamont, whom bloggers helped defeat Sen. Joe Lieberman in last year's Democratic primary in Connecticut.

Lamont lost the general election to the newly independent Lieberman, but remains popular among activists and drew as many people as Dodd during his early trips to New Hampshire. The bloggers haven't yet adopted Dodd as their man, however.

I ask again: does Joe Lieberman intend to run for re-election in 2012 in this Democratic party? If so, he'll be in trouble -- since the Democrats will probably run a real candidate against him -- someone who'll win the Democratic vote and fight for Republicans and Independents.

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