Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dem Senate Hopeful Backs Force in Iraq

Ed Case is a Democratic Congressman in Hawaii, challenging incumbent Daniel Akaka. Case says that had he had the chance, he would have voted to authorize force in Iraq:

But, few political junkies -- even true Fix fanatics -- are likely aware that a similar situation is playing out in Hawaii's Democratic primary between Sen. Daniel K. Akaka and U.S. Rep. Ed Case. In that contest, Akaka is touting his vote against the 2002 use-of-force resolution while Case has said he would likely have supported it had he been in Congress at the time.

"I believe our country cannot tolerate the combination of the leadership of another country sworn to do us harm and weapons of mass destruction," Case said in an interview this afternoon. He added that Akaka's vote against the use-of-force measure was a "mistake at that time."

It's interesting that in a Democratic primary in an extremely liberal state, a Democrat is going out of his way to state his support for going to war in Iraq.

I can't find more detail; presumably, Case will say that the President botched the job badly. However, he's already varying from the Democratic songbook; I wonder if he'll continue to do so.

One thing is sure: conventional wisdom says a Democrat who takes this stand will get pasted.

I got that photo on the right from Congressman Case's website. I believe that it is he, but I'm trying to confirm that.

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