Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Long Knives Out for Lieberman

Looks like Connecticut Democrats are doing their best to hand a Senate seat to the GOP. Not that I'm predicting that will happen; it'll be hard to defeat Joe Lieberman in the primary. However, if they do, Lieberman has said he will run as an Independent. In such a scenario, the GOP might well be favored to win a Senate seat in Connecticut for the first time since... yeck! - Lowell Weicker.

A demonstration of just how far off the deep end Connecticut Democrats are:

Melody Drnach, an officer of NOW's political action committee, said the Bush administration is trying to tilt the court so that it reconsiders Roe vs. Wade, the decision establishing a woman's right to an abortion.

"Yet, Sen. Lieberman is one of seven Democrats who have promised not to filibuster any of President Bush's judicial nominees, except under `extraordinary circumstances.' Well, if packing the Supreme Court with abortion opponents like John Roberts and Samuel Alito is not an extraordinary circumstance, then we don't know what is," Drnach said.

On another note, if the nomination of Samuel Alito IS an 'extraordinary circumstance,' I don't know what isn't.

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