Friday, May 12, 2006

Impeach the President? Who, Us?

I guess the Democrats have figured out that promising investigations and impeachement isn't the way to excite independent voters. This is a follow-up on her comment over the weekend that their commitment to investigations might just lead to impeachment:

Democrats Won't Try To Impeach President
By Charles Babington
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, May 12, 2006; A06

Seeking to choke off a Republican rallying cry, the House's top Democrat has told colleagues that the party will not seek to impeach President Bush even if it gains control of the House in November's elections, her office said last night.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) told her caucus members during their weekly closed meeting Wednesday "that impeachment is off the table; she is not interested in pursuing it," spokesman Brendan Daly said.

Some House Democrats, including ranking Judiciary Committee member John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, have called for impeachment hearings into allegations that Bush misled the nation about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction and that he violated federal law by approving warrantless wiretaps on Americans. In an interview with The Washington Post last week, Pelosi said a Democratic-controlled House would launch investigations of the administration on energy policy and other matters. She said impeachment would not be a goal of the investigations, but she added: "You never know where it leads to."

...Daly said Pelosi never considered impeachment a priority. Republicans "are in such desperate shape," he said, "we don't want to give them anything to grab on to." He said Conyers agrees with Pelosi's thinking.

I love the last quote from spokesman Daly: we never considered this 'a priority.' What does that mean? It was just one of those things we hoped we got around to? "Gay marriage - check, broad-based tax increase - check, cut defense spending - check, nationalized health care - check. Well what do you know! We have time for impeachment after all!"

I suspect that the fever swamp will have a hard time accepting this. I think impeachment talk is likely to continue to surface.

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