Friday, May 12, 2006

Likely Challengers to Harris Emerge

Update: Four Republicans besides Harris filed for the Senate race. Peter Monroe and William McBride are among them.

As discussed almost ad nauseam, today at noon is Florida's filing deadline. While Florida House Speaker Allan Bense took his name out of the discussion the other day, it's looking like some other longshot challenger to Harris is likely to file today.

According to the Herald Tribune, possible candidates include State Senator Dennis Ross, Orlando lawyer William McBride and Pinellas County developer Peter Monroe. Getting into the race is probably a no-lose proposition for each of these folks, inasmuch as there has to be a fair chance that Katherine Harris throws in the towel before the primary - either because of poor polling numbers, or because of the Mitchell Wade bribery scandal that continues to loom.

Curious that a possible Republican Senate candidate shares the same name as the Democrat that Jeb Bush defeated when he was re-elected in 2002. I wonder if that's likely to help in any general election?

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