Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Step Into the Echo Chamber...

And Pull the Door Closed Behind You

Russ Feingold spoke at the National Press Club today, and the lead headline is that he called for Democrats to have the guts to oppose President Bush. This is AMAZING! Democrats do nothing BUT oppose the President - regardless of what he does or says - and the amen corner on the Left is upset because they're too conciliatory!

Is it the way they stand with Bush on Iraq? Or their support for NSA wiretaps? Or the complimentary tone on Katrina response? Perhaps they've been too helpful on Social Security private accounts? Or broad-based tax reform? Was it "No Child Left Behind?" Or comprehensive immigration reform? Wait - I know what it is! Bush must have come out in favor of his own impeachment, right? Democratic leaders are in trouble for standing with him on that, I imagine.

Well, better still is the confirmation that BDS is running rampant in the fever swamp, as activists (in comments at the bottom of the Feingold article), seem to AGREE with Feingold! And they're angry because Feingold has attracted too many Johnny-come-latelies; folks who come around to his way of thinking only after it has become obvious.

Dare we dream that Russ Feingold is the nominee of the Democratic party in 2008? I mean, in my dream world they nominate Jerry Springer, but I'll take Feingold!

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