Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lieberman Headed for a Fall

The Hartford Courant's Kevin Rennie makes it sound like Lieberman is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Local precinct leaders are against him, leaking word of his campaign's hamhanded efforts to identify and turn-out supporters.

So Joe Lieberman intends to remain a Democrat after he is re-elected as an Independent, even though the Democratic precinct captains are against him? Is he really looking forward to rebuilding bridges with them?

Well, I wouldn't. And I can think of a few reasons that Lieberman shouldn't.

Remember the Influence Peddler predicted months ago he would lose the primary!

Note: I will continue to aggressively tout this 'prediction' until it turns out to be wrong, at which time I will quietly delete all record of that post!

Update: Political Wire now reports that efforts continue to dump presumed Republican nominee Alan Schlesinger. And if he is jettisoned, some are suggesting offering the nomination to Joe Lieberman:

In Connecticut, Can Republicans Push Schlesinger?
Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie sends us this exclusive dispatch on the Republican jockeying to come up with a better U.S. Senate candidate in Connecticut.

Having failed last week to escort Republican U.S. Senate nominee Alan Schlesinger from her ticket, Governor Jodi Rell is suing for peace over the brouhaha caused by revelations of Schlesinger’s gambling at a state Indian casino under an assumed name. Representatives from the Rell and Schlesinger campaigns, along with state party chairman George Gallo will discuss the way forward at a meeting on Wednesday.

Rell, who served with Schlesinger in the legislature for 8 years, tried to bump him out of the race in the spring before the state GOP convention. The frenetic former Derby mayor, however, hustled his way to the nomination by gathering enough delegates to win before Rell acted. Rell’s unsuccessful assault on Schlesinger confirms Democratic suspicions that the lady can neither land nor take a punch. They are encouraged that they may be able to narrow the race against her with some attacks of their own.

Last week’s controversy, ignited by government and gaming critic, retired state police commander Bradley Beecher, got Schlesinger more attention than he will see in the rest of the campaign. He reacted with squealing delight at the coverage but outrage over the topic. His story of being asked to leave the casino for card counting changed during the hubbub.

Schlesinger may have done himself considerable harm when he became belligerent with impertinent reporters in post-press conference questioning on Thursday. Now that he has their attention they want to learn more about his escapades.

At least two prominent Republicans think that if Schlesinger can be nixed from his spot on the ballot, it should be given to Senator Joseph Lieberman if he loses the August 8th primary to challenger Ned Lamont. Schmata mogul and former Michael Kors fashion company partner Jack Orchulli, who ran against Chris Dodd in 2004, has also had his name floated as a replacement.

-- Guest contributor Kevin Rennie is a columnist for the Hartford Courant.

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