Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dems Back Independent in Senate Bid

We're not talking about Connecticut, so I guess it's OK.

What we're actually talking about is the Vermont Senate race, where Democrats are so strongly behind the Socialist that they're doing everything they can to prevent the Democratic party from fielding a nominee. Is it because Bernie Sanders sees himself as a Democrat? No. In fact, he says he'll refuse the Democratic endorsement if he gets it:

Party shuns Vermont Democrats in race
Seeks to clear way for independent in US Senate bid
By Rick Klein, Globe Staff
July 13, 2006

WASHINGTON -- Vermont's Democratic Party is maneuvering to keep the Democratic candidates for the state's open US Senate seat off the November ballot, as party leaders seek to clear the way for independent Representative Bernard Sanders in his bid for the Senate.

State Democratic leaders are spearheading efforts to gather signatures to put Sanders on the ballot as a Democrat, even though Sanders has repeatedly said he would turn down the party's nomination if he wins the primary. At least three other candidates have announced their intention to run for the Democratic nomination in the Sept. 12 primary, but party leaders prefer Sanders to any of them.

So they oppose Lieberman because he has not been a consistent, loyal Democrat, and they're backing Sanders over actual Democrats because... why, exactly?

And Joe Lieberman says that if he's elected as an Independent, he'll still caucus with Democrats. If Sanders gets elected, they'll have interesting conversations:

Sanders: So yeah, I was always a Socialist, never a Democrat, and the party cleared the field for me.

Lieberman: What do you mean, 'cleared the field?'

Sanders: You know, cleared the field. Made sure I didn't face any Democratic opposition. They did that for you, right?

Lieberman: No. Actually, lots of them supported my opponent at the convention, and forced me into a primary. But then they totally supported me in the primary.

Sanders: Oh, really? How much did they give you?

Lieberman: Well, Chuck gave me $62.10. [more here]

Sanders: That doesn't sound like much, Joe.

Lieberman: Yeah, I know. You see, he was switching bank accounts and he hadn't gotten the supply of new checks yet, so he just gave me a few bills out of his wallet. And then after that, we just kind of played phone tag, and I never got the rest of the cash.

Sanders: So you didn't win the Democratic primary?

Lieberman: Nah, I had to run and win as an Independent - against most of the party leaders, who said they had to back the Democratic nominee.

Sanders: Really? That's pretty different from what happened with me.

Lieberman: Well, it must have gotten better when you won the Democratic primary, right?

Sanders: Oh no, no. I kinda spit that right back at them. Told them that if I won their nomination, I wouldn't even take it. Told 'em I'd leave 'em with a blank line on the ballot.

Lieberman: Bet they were pretty pissed then!

Sanders: I couldn't really say. They were too busy trying to make sure I didn't get any opposition. They might have been mad, though. But what did you do to make them so angry?

Lieberman: Well, I was nice to Dick Cheney, and I got kissed by the President, and I think we need to win the war in Iraq.

Sanders: Wow, Joe. That IS pretty bad. Maybe if you had been a Socialist...

Lieberman: Yeah, maybe. Listen Bernie, do you know where the Republicans are meeting?

I would imagine that DailyKos and Democracy for America, and all the rest of the folks pushing for a 'real Democrat' in Connecticut, and insisting that party leaders back the Democratic nominee - whoever he is - will latch onto this cause, now that it's come to light. I mean, their commitment to a real Democrat would never allow them to back a self-avowed Socialist against a range of real Democrats, right?

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Philo-Junius said...

What an indictment of the state party--not one of them is a better Democrat than the socialist who won't even pay dues.