Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Weirder and Weirder in Connecticut

This race is a campaign analyst's dream.

So you Kos folks don't think that the Republicans have a chance at winning the Connecticut Senate race, even with another anti-war candidate to siphon off votes from Lamont?

Well, what if Alan Schlesinger - the presumptive Republican nominee - is booted out of the race for gambling problems, and the GOP drafts a 'wealthy Republican mogul' to run for the seat? The GOP candidate might be able to win with only 30% of the vote or so.

Concerned yet?

If not, consider that if Schlesinger gets forced out and no good substitute is found, it would be no surprise if either Nancy Johnson or Chris Shays gave up the campaign for re-election to the House, in favor of the Senate nod. Either of them could probably draw 30% of the vote without trying too hard. Either one of them - or a candidate of their caliber - would be a strong contender in a 3- or 4-way race.

And anticipating the response on the Left, yes - I have considered the possibility that if Schlesinger drops out, the GOP might simply endorse Lieberman. I don't think that's especially likely, however.

Update: Schlesinger says he's staying in.

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