Thursday, July 13, 2006

AMLO Paid Poll Watchers

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador needs better political advisers. The other day, he said that the reason the PRD's poll watchers did not complain when they witnessed irregularities like stuffing of ballot boxes was that they had been bought by the opposition. Mark in Mexico notes that this interesting tactic - turning on his supporters - has somehow undercut his support from them (shocking how that works).

Now Mexico City's Reforma (in Spanish, subscription required) reports that AMLO's own party - the PRD - paid its poll watchers in the state of Guanajuato:

Paga PRD a sus representantes
El comité estatal del PRD aportó 2 millones de pesos para pagar a sus representantes y Redes Ciudadanas debió erogar 3 millones de pesos
Jorge Escalante

Ciudad de México (12 julio 2006).- Un día después de que Andrés Manuel López Obrador acusó que algunos representantes de casilla del PRD se vendieron, el comité estatal de su partido en Guanajuato admitió que fueron ellos los que dieron 300 pesos a quienes vigilaron la contienda federal y 200 a los que cuidaron la local.

The going rate was about $27 per day for those who watched the federal polls, and $18 for those watching the balloting for local races. And according to the sign in the picture above, breakfast and lunch were free!

While some critics might say that this puts the lie to AMLO's claim, look for him to respond that it only shows that they are mercenaries who can be bought and paid by whoever offers the most.

Then he'll be surprised when his rally is smaller than expected.

The fat lady is warming up, and AMLO's 15 minutes look like they're coming to an end.

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