Monday, July 10, 2006

Start Printing those Posters...

Time magazine reports that Tom DeLay may seek re-election. Well, duh.

I prefer to pay more attention to the article in Roll Call (subscription required) which reports that my 'Carnahan Scenario' is under active consideration:

One knowledgeable Republican in DeLay’s home county of Fort Bend said the GOP very likely could be faced with a scenario where the recently retired Congressman is ultimately forced to remain on the ballot. If that happens, 22nd district Republicans would be left with three options:

• DeLay gets back into politics and campaigns to win;

• DeLay officially withdraws and Lampson runs unopposed, guaranteeing Democrats a seat they would have no business winning under normal circumstances and boosting their quest to net 15 seats and take over the House;

Republicans campaign vigorously to elect DeLay, who doesn’t campaign himself and vows to resign immediately if he wins, setting up a special election to fill the seat in which the GOP would be favored.

Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace (R), a potential DeLay successor, said Friday that he believes the former Congressman would be inclined to run for the seat if the appellate court ruled that he must stay on the ballot.

So print up those campaign posters!

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