Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bush Administration Calls for Israeli Restraint; France Splits Hairs

Somehow, Bush wants the politically bankrupt Lebanese government to remain solvent when all the smoke clears away.

France, of course, sides with the kidnappers.

Would a proportional response have been merely crossing the border and bagging counter-hostages? At the current exchange rate of 1 Israeli per 435 terrorists, I don't think the Israelis are anywhere near that level of proportionality yet.


Wishflower said...

do you think that killing 45 lebanese people (all are not soldiers, but women, children and men who are not terrorists but just simple farmers and labourers) is not terrorism?

2 isreali soldiers were kidnapped, and that is grounds for isreal to massacre so many lebanese innocents?

Philo-Junius said...

The above post assumes facts not in evidence.

Please submit the evidence that the object of the deaths of any Lebanese civilians was to terrify anyone, and not merely collateral damage inevitable to military operations.

Merely fulminating about the fact that war is bloody is not a substitute for an actual solution to the presence of a terrorist faction within the Lebanese government.