Friday, July 14, 2006

"Chutzpah & Lies" from Lieberman

So if Joe is re-elected as an Independent, he's going to remain with the Democrats, huh? He's going to bury the hatchet with guys like David Sirota, and other core supporters of Ned Lamont?

Not a chance.

If Lieberman is re-elected this year, then he will be 70 in 2012 - the year that he would next stand for re-election. It's completely normal for a 70-year old to run for the Senate, so a re-elected Lieberman will want to cover all his bases in case he decides to run again. If he intends to run as a Democrat in 2012, he'll need to mend fences with party activists. How will it be possible to do that after all the blood spilled this year? Add to that the number of Democrats who will support Lamont if he wins the primary, and I can't imagine why Joe Lieberman would remain a Democrat. It would be far easier to run for re-election as an Independent or Republican - in either case, with his roots in a Connecticut Republican party that would probably be far more hospitable to him.

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