Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mexico Conspiracy Grows by the Day

Well, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been hard-pressed for a coherent explanation of how the PAN rigged Mexico's Presidential election. So far he's talked about millions of hidden votes, pregnant ballot boxes, and my personal favorite - racoons.

As I covered yesterday, AMLO has said that he has video of ballots being stuffed into a ballot box in Guanajuato and, while the box being stuffed was for Congress, this nevertheless proves a stolen Presidential election. The Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) reviewed the video and said that it showed an instance they were aware of: during the counting, 8-10 ballots were found for Congress in the box for President, so the President of the polling station ordered them transferred to the correct box. AMLO's party - the PRD - had an official poll watcher present, who filmed the whole thing, and then signed the paperwork verifying that the count was accurate.

So AMLO was asked today why the PRD poll watcher signed the document instead of crying foul, if the box had been tampered with. He said that the poll watcher had been bought (article in Spanish, subscription required). If the other side succeeded in buying votes, he said, why wouldn't they have bought election workers as well?' He said it was unclear how many had been bought, but that more information would likely come out.

Of course. AMLO has been undone by a massive fraud that involved the PAN, the PRI, the minor parties (all of whom accept the results), the European observers who saw nothing amiss, the IFE, and now AMLO's own poll watchers!

How has AMLO figured out this grand conspiracy? You'd be surprised. (If you're too young for the reference, add it to your queue).

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