Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who to Believe?

Who to believe about the number of protestors in Mexico City today in support of AMLO? You could go with the Associated Press, which says more than 100,000, or you could go with the 280,000 estimate of the Mexico City police, who were run for years by AMLO and are now run by his chosen successor.

AMLO has also requested that his supporters turn the election into a circus... excuse me, I mean 'expand their peaceful protests,' by marching to the capital to arrive on July 16. And AMLO is too cute by half - asking his supporters not to block highways on the way, and asking them to continue to protest peacefully:

Lopez Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor, has asked protesters to be peaceful and law-abiding, but also said the government would be responsible for any flare-up of anger because officials had rejected his demand for a manual recount.

So AMLO can reject meetings with Calderon, and call for all manner of protest, but it's the Federal Elections Commission's fault if his protests lead to violence? Give me a break!

...In a meeting with foreign correspondents, Lopez Obrador said there were more irregularities in the balloting than under the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, which ruled Mexico until it was ousted by President Vicente Fox in 2000.

Calderon belongs to Fox's conservative National Action Party

"The National Action Party learned from the fraudulent practices of the PRI and it exceeded them," Lopez Obrador said.

Well, looks like President Calderon will have 6 years to try to clean up their act.

Update: 'Pandaluz' (a cute name, in Spanish), features a compilation video of AMLO before the election, promising to accept a loss, promising to accept a loss by a miniscule margin, promising to accept the finding of the IFE, and promising not to call for protests. It also features some hemming and hawing after the election when AMLO is reminded of those promises.

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