Monday, July 10, 2006

Dem Poll Shows Ney Trailing Badly

The DCCC is touting a Democratic poll of 503 likely voters that puts Rep. Bob Ney behind Zack Space by a margin of 46%-35% (hat tip, PoliticalWire). I might not have guessed that Ney would be 11 points back at this point, but I would have guessed that he was trailing.

As I've noted before, if Tom DeLay does end up seeking re-election in Texas, he will be an underdog in a heavily-Republican district. Republicans will be loathe to put two more-or-less 'gimme' seats at such high risk, so there will be pressure on Ney to step aside. Of course, if the NRCC agrees with these dismal numbers, then Ney will get a lot of pressure to step aside regardless of what happens with DeLay.

July 11 Update: Ney has released a poll done by Public Opinion Strategies showing him leading Space by 45%-41%. This represents a huge improvement from January, when the same poll showed him trailing 49%-37%.

Color me skeptical.

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