Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Lobby Group Launched To Make Howard Dean's Life Harder

Leaving aside the embedded editorialisation in the headline,

Think Tank Will Promote Thinking: Advocates Want Science, Not Faith, at Core of Public Policy

The Washington Post brings us yet further evidence yesterday that liberals/progressives are not going to let the Democratic Party settle down into a governing posture representative of the cultural concerns of the majority of Americans without a tooth-and-nail fight. The hastily plastered-over alienation of the Democratic Party from conventional Judaeo-Christian culture we saw in the 2006 elections has already generated its own backlash on the Left.

The greatest irony in this article is in fact the date of its publication--Nov. 15, the day the Catholic Church honours as the Feast of St. Albert Magnus, the Dominican founder of scholasticism, the discoverer of arsenic--the first element to be identified by scientific process--and with the Franciscan Roger Bacon and the unrelated Francis Bacon one of the three central figures in the development, establishment and propagation of the scientific method. The conceit that empirical science and physics can serve as a substitute for hard thinking about metaphysics and ethics proves to be an idee fixe which many on the Left clearly prefer to the prospect of representing an American public embarassing to them.

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