Friday, November 17, 2006

Today's Other Race

Everyone paid a great deal of attention today to the races for Republican Minority Leader and Whip - and they were clearly important. But the other critical race was for NRCC chair. And here in Washington, people remember the successful ones: Rahm Emanuel, Tom Davis, and Bill Paxon are the three House campaign committee chairs whose names I remember (I only go back about 15 years in this town).

Tom Cole is the man who's going to try to add his name to that list, and become one of the really successful campaign chairs. To do it, he will have to raise lots of money, recruit good candidates, make shrewd decisions about where there are weak Democratic candidates who look strong, and vice-versa. In short, he'll have to win back the majority. For that, he needs 15 seats.

His resume looks good.

Back to the top.

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