Wednesday, November 15, 2006

That Giuliani Boomlet...

So now folks are surprised at the strength of a potential Giuliani candidacy, and they're starting to look more closely at his record. It shows that he is a pretty strong liberal on social policy. If he keeps his positions on gun control, gay marriage, immigration, and abortion, he'll never be on a national Republican ticket.

As the campaign develops, he'll need to clarify what he thinks about these issues, and how much was (*ahem*) 'forced upon him' by virtue of his constituency in New York City. A potential formula for the 'clarification is here.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative Republican. I need to hear three things from Giuliani in order to support him:

1: He will fully and aggressively push the war on terror.

2: He will appoint judges like Thomas and Scalia, not like Souder and Kennedy.

3: He won't push "gun control", and will let a conservative run the BATF.

Given that, I'll wholeheartedly support him.

Lacking that, I'm looing for someone else.