Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Who Am I? Why Am I Here?" -- Updated & Bumped

With apologies to American hero, the late Admiral James Stockdale, am I far off?

What other former military man was so consistently a train wreck at those times when he was unfortunate enough to get national attention?

Not that I think that's a bad thing in a Congressional leader, of course...

Update: Mickey provides the Hardball transcript where Murtha explains what he meant by 'total crap.' It's revealing, in the way that politicians usually try to avoid:

MURTHA: Let me tell you, I agree that we have to return a perception of honesty to the Congress. I agree with what Nancy's trying to do. The crap I'm talking about is the crap that people have violated the law, the crap that the kind of things that have happened with Abramoff, the kind of things that have happened with some of the members—

Why is it that politicians are always so focussed on the perception of honesty, rather than actual honesty?

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chris smith said...

I think that there is a need to prepare for being in front of a camera.
Some of these stuffed shirts spend their whole lives getting downright greasy in front of cameras.
If you know much of Stockdale, he was (I speculate) dealing with some sever PTSD while he was campaigning for VP--torture, indeed.
Murtha isn't even kinda in the same league as a Medal of Honor winner like Stockdale.
Or so goes my opinion.