Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chris Dodd's Amy Carter Moment

Heh. At least Dodd can rest easy, knowing it won't be this moment that cost him the Presidency:

Senator Christopher Dodd returned to Connecticut on Friday for the first time since announcing his candidacy for president January 11th on the Imus in the Morning program. He dared not say to Imus what he told the audience of 600 people at the Old State House early in the evening.

Imagine the hoots of derision by the Imus menagerie if Dodd has shared his "Ask Amy" moment with the popular talker. Dodd wound up his tub-thumping speech by telling the enthusiastic audience that his 5 year old daughter Grace had asked him one recent morning, "What will my life be like?" A politician who touts his experience as much as Dodd does ought to know better. What a wise moppet it is who asks such questions of her dad over breakfast. Given the discreet eye-rolling quotient that accompanied that part of the speech, the five-term senator might want to leave the domestic hokum at home.

In what could be a chilling foreshadowing, Dodd's Friday night speech, locals noted, was quickly shoved off the news by the dramatic demolition and implosion of the 35 year old New Haven Coliseum on Saturday morning.

No, what cost him the Presidency is the whole 'obscure cookie-cutter liberal Senator with no executive experience from a small state' thing.

The coliseum implosion was only so-so as these things go, anyway.

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