Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Hard-Working Congress

Lots of attention has been focussed on what the Democrats have done in their 'first 100 hours,' and I've levelled criticism over silly promises and clock management, and days off for college football games and the like. But if you think I'm being too harsh, take at what's been going on in committees while attention has been focussed on the floor of the House. After all, the committees are where most of the action happens - where bills have their hearings, get their initial debates, and are prepared for floor action.

Total bills reported out of committee (at the time of this writing): 3. (To see for yourself, go here, and under 'Stage in the Legislative Process,' select 'Reported to House/Committee Discharged.')

So if you think that lots of work is going on 'behind the scenes,' and important bills are being prepared for floor consideration... guess again.

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