Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Punchline of the Morning (Update: Kerry's Out!)

"Kerry Aides Prep Battle Plan"

I am willing to bet that even John Kerry recognizes that his chances of getting elected President are about the same as mine: one in a million. The Democratic base wants no part of him, and there is already a broad range of favorites and dark horses on the Democratic side.

And if that weren't enough, there's the matter of the $13 million that the Boston Globe notes he has left over in his campaign account from 2004. How can it not stick in the craw of Democratic activists that he left that money 'sitting on the table,' in a close Presidential race?

John Kerry has a better chance of waiting until 2012 and trying then. While that's probably a longshot, it's better than running this year. Perhaps like Al Gore, he can allow some nostalgia to develop over his effort, and entertain a Presidential bid after some time has passed.

Update: WOW! Talk about results! Kerry is not running in 2008.

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Joe said...

Dude, your chances are waayyyyyyyy better than his-2008 or 2012!