Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Richardson Rumors

Now that Governor Richardson has announced his candidacy, bloggers and newscasters are discussing the rumors that follow him around. Jim Geraghty notes that Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation wants Governor Richardson to talk about his views on women. He also wonders if Mickey might be sending a cryptic message when he questions whether the Governor is trying to 'skirt' an issue.

I've heard such concerns from a close former colleague of the Governor, who also leveled a more serious criticism. He's concerned because he doesn't believe Richardson has taken his jobs seriously. I'll note specifically and clearly that on this latter point, he differs with just about everyone who talks about Mr. Richardson.

And with regard to 'skirt chasing,' and the like, I think Clemons is right in saying it's unlikely to be a 'deal killer.' If Richardson has done no more than Clinton or Schwarzenegger, then he ought to be able to overcome it.

They pay me for fresh insight, so I'll offer this comment: if Richardson and Hillary somehow wind up among the top three Democratic contenders, can the third contender benefit from the perception that he's the 'clean one,' as far as personal backstory goes?

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