Friday, March 09, 2007

Democrats Step into the Trap

So the Democrats are proposing a supplemental funding bill that requires an end to US participation in Iraq.

I've laid out before that while the American people may not like our involvement in Iraq, they won't stand for having the lives of America's men and women in the field being endangered over this important policy point.

The President will win this showdown - particularly since the bill may never even come to the floor of the Senate. He will explain that he will debate any policy difference and listen to any good idea, but of paramount importance is giving our troops in harm's way the tools they need to defende themselves. He will insist that Congress send him a clean bill promptly, and every day they delay doing that will cost them in the public eye.

This is what the President will do:

He'll note that the author of the provisions first publicly discussed them in an interview he did for a liberal anti-war organization, and said that they were designed to force a withdrawal from Iraq. He'll spell out what is included in the supplemental bill, and talk about why it is essential. He'll say that the Congressional leadership is recklessly risking the lives of our men and women in harm's way, by denying them needed funds and equipment, and that it is essential Congress send him a 'clean' bill immediately. He'll say that American lives should not be risked over a disagreement between the White House and Congress.

Bush will re-iterate that he is always ready to discuss honest policy differences with anyone, including Mr. Murtha - and that the change in direction implemented after listening to the recommendations and findings of the Iraq Study Commission demonstrate his sincerity. He'll say that Prime Minister Maliki is committed to having the Iraqi government assume all security responsibilities in a matter of a few months, and it is foolish to quit on them now.

He'll ask Congress to return to work immediately on a bill that he can sign, and he'll offer to meet with Mr. Murtha, Ms. Pelosi, and Mr. Reid - and anyone else that Congress wants to send - to discuss this critical mission, but stress the importance of supporting our troops.

The Democrats are going to lose this fight - a fact they probably already know. They're charging into the guns for the benefit of the lunatic Left which, as Dave Obey knows, won't even support them on this.

Their goal will be to cave at the right time - before it becomes too politically costly.


Anonymous said...

That would in fact be the most intelligent thing they could do. A continued war in Iraq is the best thing for the Democratic presidential candiate in 2008.

Skeets said...

"A continued war in Iraq is the best thing for the Democratic presidential candiate in 2008. "

Well, wouldn't it hurt them?

After all, couldn't someone argue that they did nothing when they had congress? Even if they simply couldn't get organized enough?

I'm not saying I support them, I'm just wondering if they want a repeat of Chicago in '68?

Couldn't that happen if Pelosi can't get her ducks in a row?