Sunday, March 04, 2007

Star Trek Prequel Greenlighted

Yes, I'm still enough of a Star Trek geek to notice this story:

It's official. JJ Abrams is beaming up for duty.

After months of speculation, the Lost mastermind has confirmed he will helm Paramount Pictures' first new Star Trek voyage in more than five years.

The tentatively titled Star Trek XI will follow the formula of franchise reinvention pioneered by Batman Begins and Casino Royale—i.e., do an origin tale of the main characters.

In this case, the new Trek will travel back to the Starfleet Academy salad days of James T. Kirk and his best half-Vulcan buddy Spock as they boldly go on their first adventures together in the final frontier.

Paramount is targeting a stardate of Christmas Day 2008 to launch the new-old crew.

If you're interested, there's a summary of one version of the script here.

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