Thursday, March 08, 2007

If a Tedious Bore Drones on in a Windswept Field...

He will make a sound if he fulminates in a manner the liberal media finds politically expedient.

Word in the coffeeshops (or as Nebraskans call them--"the cuhFAYs") is that Hagel wants his moment of moral posturing in the sun and is willing to terminate his local grassroots support in order to do so. A USAToday poll back in November indicated the extent to which his posturing had alienated Nebraska's perennial Republican majority.

The puff piece in Esquire, where he speculated grandiosely about Bush's impeachment, should have served sufficiently final notice that Chuck is not really in tune with the concerns or worldview of the average Nebraskan any longer. Given this fact, and Hagel's statistical insignificance in Presidential polling, it is clear that the sole reason this announcement will be given any more attention than Chris Dodd's negligible campaign is that the media has found a fresh Republican face willing to vent spleen against the current administration on national television.

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