Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Feds Bust Plot to Attack Fort Dix

If history is any guide, Allah will do a great job of covering it here.

As of this writing, it's reported that the would-be attackers were (at least) inspired by watching Osama videos. They don't sound like the sharpest crayons in the box however:

The would-be attackers, ethnic Albanians who had been under surveillance by the FBI for months, practiced by shooting paintball guns and real weapons in a rural area of the Poconos, one source said. They also allegedly watched jihadist videos in which Osama bin Laden urged them toward martyrdom.

“They were prepared to die,” said the law enforcement source. “We became increasingly convinced this was for real and these guys were ready to roll.”…

The men - several of whom were in the same family - had videotaped their practice sessions in the Poconos, the source said. That videotape, in which they railed against America, led to their arrests.

The men made the mistake of bringing it to a retail store seeking to get a copy burned to a DVD, according to one of the sources. A store employee who later watched the tape called the FBI who began immediately investigating.

Sometimes you have to be amazed at the mistakes that people make.

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