Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Democrats are the consensus party; the GOP is the party of diverse views.

Make sure to read Philip Klein's piece on Giuliani's appearance yesterday at Heritage. It sounds like he's beginning to flesh out his thinking about how to fight 'the war of terrorists against us:'

...In hindsight, the so-called "peace dividend" of the 1990s was a big mistake, he said, and noted that even with the Bush defense buildup, the U.S. is only spending 4.1 percent of its GDP on defense, which compares to 6.2 percent during the height of the Reagan era. Giuliani called for a much larger military, an additional 10 combat brigades more than President Bush proposed...

In a proposal that is sure to be met with skepticism among non-interventionist conservatives, Giuliani called for establishing a "hybrid" military/civilian force that would deal with the nation building aspect of modern conflicts, saying one of the lessons from the Iraq War was that our military is trained for combat and we don't have a force to deal with redevelopment.

Should the US pay reparations for atrocities committed by the Japanese during their occupation of Guam?

Barack Obama is revealing himself more and more to be an old-line political liberal. And he really has very little understanding of economics. Why only pay $3 billion to retool plants? Why not give $20 billion so they can build great cars and sell them cheap, too.

Victor Matus on why Carmela reads Barnes.

A 'rival campaign' tips the Politico that Giuliani & spouse gave to Planned Parenthood at least 6 times during the 1990s.

Democrats move forward with largest tax increase in American history.

The coalition investigates and destroys an IED factory:

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